Our business is milk


XCHANCE will make you a promise: to offer the best solutions on the milk and dairy product market every day, through professional and targeted brokerage.

We deal in the supply of raw materials and semi-finished products for the dairy industry, relying on many years of international industry experience, as well as guiding you through the post-sales phase, providing full support in terms of logistics and everything related to supply.


What services do we offer?

  1. Commercial mediation of dairy products = We have a real-time insight into changes in the Italian and European markets which allows us to support you across the board, from the transport of goods to the management of communications – including with the authorities – or in case of any special logistics requirements. At our offices in Toscolano Maderno you can find a business partner in the following languages: English, German, French, Italian.
  2. Advice on markets and on dairy product stocks = Do you want competent technical product information or feedback on long-term or immediate market developments? It is our pleasure to provide valuable information and relevant suggestions to start a path of cooperation.
  3. Trading = Do you want a serious organised, stable, flexible partner between you and the manufacturer or end user? XCHANCE is the trading partner you need, working to your advantage and for your peace of mind.


Why should you trust us?

We offer a 360° service and are available 24 hours a day, putting a developed network of targeted contacts at your disposal, or offering you new business partners seeking raw materials, always selecting the most strategically relevant options.