Our business is milk

Xchance is a company that trades dairy commodities: milk, cream and whey carried bulk in tanks are our core business, but we are also active in the market of solid products, like butter, cagliata, industrial cheese
and milk powder.

In the middle of a wide net of historical relationships and contacts, strong of its passionate and experienced team, Xchance is the ideal business partner for all of your demands:

Speed and efficiency: constantly immersed in the ever-changing reality of the market, we are always ready to offer you the product you are looking for at the best price, or to give the highest value to the sale of your raw matters, minimizing the time you will spend in the search of your commercial solutions:

No thoughts: once the transaction is agreed, Xchance will take care of every aspect of the post-sale service, from the transport of the goods to the management of every quality, technical or bureaucratic need. These things are our… daily milk!

Reliability and committment: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are always available to manage any occurrence that should happen. Moreover, with a long trading experience matured over time, we know how important is to be precise and punctual on the payments, and we offer to our partners all our economical and financial stability.

Commercial growth: you are evaluating a project with a particular product, or maybe you just need a quick technical advice? Xchance is the ideal partner to ask for an opinion without obligation, or to develop a collaboration that lasts through time.

Internationality: Xchance knows how important is to be fit in the international context. Fluently speaking English, French, German and obviously Italian, a person of our team will always be ready to answer you in the desired language, or to interface easily on the European market to offer you the solution you are looking for.

Our team

Carlo E. Zichittella
Italian market inside sales
Raphael Burlaud
Foreign market inside sales
Luigi Stefani
Head of sales and General manager
Alberto Sala
Quality and Logistics
Ioana Hudisteanu
Administration and Accounting
Alessandro Faberi
Back office and Logistics